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lau.ra Shares Her Tips On Landing A Featured Vocal On A Dance Track

27 October 2022

Contents Stream ‘Burnt Letters’ By lau.ra Below 1. Be a good singer¬† 2. Be able to record and produce your own vocals professionally¬† 3. Be flexible 4. Ask for a demo fee 5. Always ask for final approval¬† While vocalists have never been more in demand by producers, vying for vocal placements in the dance […]

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Vocal Repair In Your Browser: How Lalal.AI Can Clean Up Any Audio In Seconds

26 October 2022

From pulling the vocal out of a popular song to remixing to simply having noise-free vocals for your podcast, having crystal-clear audio is essential. And while there might be VSTs and plugins that can help with this, oftentimes they are expensive, cumbersome, and only work if you also have access to a DAW. ADVERTISEMENT Thanks […]

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Best Plugins For Vocal Manipulation: Factor Eight Shares Their Favorite Creative Tools

25 October 2022

Contents A Note From The Producer; Factor Eight Izotope Neutron Saturators Distortion Plugins Celemony Melodyne Ableton Live Including vocals in your own productions and tracks can add so much to the end result. Because humans love the sound of the human voice, and using it in creative ways can be the single thing that makes […]

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Good Singing Microphones: The Best Vocal Mics In 2022

22 September 2022

If you want amazing takes of you singing, you need a great microphone Contents Different Types Of Microphones Best Microphones For Singing Extra Things You Will Need To Record Vocals Final Thoughts No two voices are the same, so finding the perfect singing microphone to capture your unique sound can be daunting in 2022. But […]

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Every Free Vocal Effect and VST Plugin For Vocals Worth Knowing About For Music Production In 2022

29 July 2022

Contents Best Free Vocal Mix EQs Best Free Vocal De-Essers Best Free Tuner Plugins For Vocal Production Best Free Doubler VST Plugins For Vocals Best Distortion Plugins For Vocal Best Free Compressor Plugins For Mixing Best Free VST Reverbs Best Free Delay The best plugins for mixing vocals will result in the best-sounding vocals. If […]

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Carl Cox and Fatboy Slim Drop “Speed Trials on Acid”

8 April 2022

‘Speed Trial on Acid’ is about car racing, going fast, and getting from A to B in as short a time as possible Pulled from his upcoming studio album, Carl Cox teams up with another industry heavyweight, Fatboy Slim, to drop a new single’ Speed Trials on Acid.’ Created during the peak lockdown, Carl Cox […]

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