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What You Need To Know About VRJAM’s Launch Affecting Shows And Events In The Metaverse

11 November 2022

Contents What Is VRJAM? How Is VRJAM Different? VRJAM And The Blockchain VRJAM And Gaming VR has been on the slow burn in the background of relevancy all until recently. With massive improvements to the technology, more consumers adopting it into their daily lives, and industry titans floundering to get it right; a handful of […]

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VRJAM Multiverse Platform Launches Closed Beta and live event series

15 July 2022

VRJAM Press Preview Event With Junior Sanchez (Above) The race to the Metaverse, or whatever you want to call it, has been fast and furious, to put it mildly. From the rise of NFTs to the crash of crypto (again), the world of Web3 is still finding its stride with unprecedented resiliance. The word metaverse […]

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Industry News – VRJAM Launches VR Music Venue 5th Dimension, Reveals Virtual Live Events Partnership

24 March 2021

VR agency and production company VRJAM has just unveiled details of an exciting, next-level partnership that will see live music events created inside VR worlds streamed live on Twitch for music fans around the globe. VRJAM is launching 5th Dimension, a virtual reality music venue and Twitch channel that offers artists and fans new possibilities […]

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