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What You Need To Know About VRJAM’s Launch Affecting Shows And Events In The Metaverse

11 November 2022

Contents What Is VRJAM? How Is VRJAM Different? VRJAM And The Blockchain VRJAM And Gaming VR has been on the slow burn in the background of relevancy all until recently. With massive improvements to the technology, more consumers adopting it into their daily lives, and industry titans floundering to get it right; a handful of […]

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How Indie Artists Can Use NFTs To Connect With Their Fans and Monetize Their Communities

14 September 2022

NFT Artist BlackDave Stadium-status artists have been heavily using NFTs to interact and monetize their fanbases over the past year. This makes artists of all calibers take notice of the success of these mega-stars found in web3. But it’s such a new industry that many smaller and indie musicians don’t feel as confident as they […]

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We Took To The Metaverse To Interview Deysa About How Web3 Will Change Artist Connection

2 September 2022

Deysa is a female techno producer and DJ with a dark and somber twist on her soul-drenched sound. Her sonic palette is as experimental as it is atmospheric and mysterious and has already garnered her a fair amount of support in the scene. In 2020, she released on Kuukou Records an E.P. called “Euphoria”  which […]

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ROCKI and BNB Chain Are Looking To Fund The Career Of The Next Viral Sensation

28 July 2022

ROCKI and BNB Chain are joining forces to change an artist’s life ROCKI and BNB Chain are launching a global search for the next viral sensation song in a contest with $30,000 BUSD in prizes and a record deal for the winning submission. Anyone, regardless of professional credits or skills, is encouraged to submit their […]

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How Artists Can Use NFT Roadmaps To Grow Their Fanbase Fast

21 July 2022

What is a NFT Roadmap? An NFT Roadmap is the big picture plan for an NFT project or a NFT drop. The NFT Roadmap signals to the fan community what is being planned for the artist’s drop. Let’s Break Down More About NFT Roadmaps It is a communication tool to publicly tell fans why they […]

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VRJAM Multiverse Platform Launches Closed Beta and live event series

15 July 2022

VRJAM Press Preview Event With Junior Sanchez (Above) The race to the Metaverse, or whatever you want to call it, has been fast and furious, to put it mildly. From the rise of NFTs to the crash of crypto (again), the world of Web3 is still finding its stride with unprecedented resiliance. The word metaverse […]

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Top 5 Music Companies Getting The Most Out Of The Blockchain

20 June 2022

Now blockchain is being used to open new investment avenues, allowing anyone to invest in the catalogues of artists. Not only can you own a percentage of your favorite music’s royalties, you have the option to resell or trade it on open digital marketplaces. There are variations on the methods used by these startups. The […]

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Spotify To Launch In Roblox Metaverse And Tests New NFT Partnership

9 June 2022

K-Park Preview Spotify Streaming Music Market Q2/21 MIDIA ADVERTISEMENT Thanks for watching!Visit Website The most recent music streaming statistics confirms Spotify’s market share at 31%, essentially equal to Apple/Amazon Music combined.  Two of their recently announced business strategies show they have Web3 innovation and diversification in mind.  The first of these strategies includes Spotify Island, which merges […]

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5 Strategies To Make Money With NFTs As An Artist

6 May 2022

According to NFT Stats, more than 53,000 NFTs have been sold worldwide in just the past 24 hours, generating a trading volume of $84.3 million. From interactive animations to logos to digital collectible lines, the creative possibilities for NFTs are nearly limitless. However, many artists want to get in on the NFT craze but have […]

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