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Fløa Talks About Meeting Heard Right and How His Latest Single”Enough,” Came Together

2 December 2022

Fløa is a name that, if it’s not on your radar and playlists just yet, certainly should be. Because in a genre as oversaturated as the progressive and melodic house genres can be, Fløa’s unique sound and nuanced approach to production continue to cut through the noise release after release. And his latest release on David Hohme’s […]

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Magnetic Mag Exclusive Mix 196: Ben Tucker Celebrates His Latest Remix On Where The Heart is Records

19 September 2022

It can be hard to pinpoint precisely how to describe the sound of Ben Tucker, as it rests comfortably between listful and daydream infusing deep house and energetic, rolling progressive.  Nevertheless, his unique blending of genres has begun to catch some serious notoriety in the scene, getting support from top DJs such as David Hohme […]

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Balancing Work, Life, And Music Production: Ben Tucker’s Advice For Busy Artists and Producers

12 September 2022

Contents Steam Ben Tucker’s Remix Below How do you find the energy for music after finishing work at your 9-5?  Do you have any advice on prioritizing and deciding what to sacrifice to make music a part of life? How important is a community to balancing production and life? Share some advice for staying inspired […]

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Jiminy Hop Breaks Down How To Remix Yourself In 7 Easy Steps

19 July 2022

Jiminy Hop’s latest release features the original mix and the artist’s remix of his own track. Contents Why Would You Want To Remix Your Own Song?  Advice On Remixing Yourself Remixing Yourself: Before & After How To Decide Which Elements To Keep And Which To Remove When Remixing Yourself Remixing Yourself Vs. Remixing Another Artist […]

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Savvas’ Takes You On A Ride With His Single ‘As One,’ Out Now On David Hohme’s Label

19 July 2022

Chicago-born and Greece-based organic house producer Savvas just released his latest single, and it is not one to miss.  ‘As One,’ which was released on David Hohme’s own imprint Where The Heart Is Records, is a delicate groover that checks many boxes. The single is soft and emotional while also being energetic and punchy.  ADVERTISEMENT […]

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Jacob Waxman’s Guide To Ambient Vocal Production For Melodic House Music

6 July 2022

Contents Does Your Track Even Need Vocals?  Finding Good Vocalists To Work With  Choosing Amazing Ambient Vocal Takes and Samples How To Communicate What You Want To The Vocalist Processing Chains For Ambient Vocals The Secret Weapon Every Ambient Vocal Producer Needs  Creative Hacks For Phenomenal Vocal Productions Arranging Ambient Vocals In Your Productions 4 […]

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David Hohme Talks About Pressing His Flagship Yearly Mix To Vinyl

24 May 2022

David Hohme’s yearly Where My Hearts Is is finally here!  This is the fourth volume of David’s flagship release on his label: Where The Heart Is Records and showcases the best, most exciting tracks set to release over the coming year. Purchase Your Limited Vinyl Here 👈 The mix features unreleased music from industry veterans such […]

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How It Was Made: Sleepy & Boo – Lucent [Where The Heart Is]

6 May 2022

We’re always trying to envision how a track will sound on the dancefloor when it’s being played out, and what kind of scenario would a DJ play it. Is this track something for the peak hours of a party, is it better to build the groove of the party, like a warm-up vibe? And once […]

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How It’s Made: Luciano Elvira’s ROMA

15 April 2022

David Hohme’s personal imprint, Where The Heart Is Records, has been seeing a steady string of quality tracksover the past year and is quickly earning it’s place as one of the best curated, indie-sized labels in the world of progressive and organic house.  This expert curation is shown in full force with its latest release, […]

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