Siminia Grigoriu's expert curation leaves every dance floor shocked and awed 

Siminia Grigoriu’s expert curation leaves every dance floor shocked and awed 

Having been inspired by techno’s earliest iterations, Simina’s sound grew off of the foundations of dance music pioneered by the likes of Jeff Mills, Josh Wink, and Juan Atkins.

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But with a sound as diverse and authentic as her’s, inspiration from a single genre or set of icons wouldn’t be enough. And while most of her nights are filled with driving techno, her daytime listening is filled with music from rap’s greatest generation. 

We had a chance to sit down with the for a deep dive into what she deems as the greatest rap albums of all time and compiled a list of these albums from the 90s for your listening pleasure. 

So let’s get cracking…

The rest of this article is in the words of Simina Grigoriu, who went above and beyond the call of duty to curate the ultimate list of the best rap and hiphop albums of the 90s alongside a her reasons why the albums have earned their spot in this list. 

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