DJ Lucky, real name Lashawn Riley, will release his debut album on Teklife.

Triple 7 follows on from “Rupees,” a single featuring PlainJames released in October. It features DJ Manny, Taso, and Weezy, and delivers “pure modern footwork tailor-made for the dancers,” we’re told, “but with tons of rave-friendly sonics in-between.”sonics

We’re also told that at times the vibe on the album is soulful, but other times it’s eerie. And that the synth work is “masterfully crafted” throughout the album, with lots of trance-inducing arpeggios.

DJ Lucky previously released “Welcome to the Party” on Teklife’s ON LIFE volume 3 compilation.


01. War feat. DJ Manny
02. G.B.G.W feat. Taso
03. Your Emotions feat. Khodi.ell
04. Spazz Out
05. Hit Da Flo feat. WEEZY
06. Lost Without U
07. 1366
08. Gawd
09. Trance X
10. Demon Time

Triple7 LP is scheduled for January 12 release. We’ll add pre-order links as they become available.

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