Tentendo & R.ICO - Ride

Tentendo & R.ICO – Ride

Tentendo has resurrected his creature of the black lagoon mask for a visual sequel to his January hit ‘Function’. Vibing on the streets with his boombox, Tentendo and his producer has dropped ‘Ride’, the next in a series of songs and videos depicting an alien’s attempt to find a community on Earth through dance.

We left the character on the side of a highway at dusk, and on ‘Ride’ we find Tentendo back on urban ground again, dancing to the half-time sensuality of this latest slice of House bliss. Complete with deep vocals reminiscent of Channel Tres, ‘Ride’ is the sultry flip side to ‘Function’s hyperactivity; a vibey balm perfect for driving to or playing at afters.

While Tenendo collaborated with Jordan Denis on the bouncy ‘Function’, its fellow Australian R.ICO who gets a star vocal turn on ‘Ride’, his deep register the ideal foil to shuffling beats and bubbling synths.

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