The American-made brand of bags and accessories, Terra Thread, is seeking to change the game in sustainable consumer bags. Their mission is to flip the script and move away from the churn-and-burn industry that is fast fashion and put an emphasis on eco-friendly products that will never need to be replaced. 

But there are so many bags with a similar mission statement these days, many of whom are simply using the lowest definition of the phrase possible to meet the standards for being “sustainable” or “green” or “organic.” 

So when we were asked to review some of Terra Threads products, I jumped at the chance to dive a little bit more into the ethos of the brand, the quality of their products, and their impact on the environment. 

Are Terra Thread Products Truly Sustainable? 

In this day and age, this is the sole question that should be on everyone’s mind who is looking to help support a greener future and is looking to invest in companies that walk the walk and talk the talk. Because there are just too many companies greenwashing their reuptaitons these.

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