In the space of a couple of months, ChatGPT, the AI-powered language model developed by OpenAI, has seemingly permeated every inch of our lives, with teachers wary of the platform’s ability to mimic student essays, and programmers praising its dexterity in coding complex algorithms.

According to ChatGPT itself, the platform was “trained on a large corpus of text from the internet and can answer a wide range of questions, provide suggestions, and have general conversations on various topics.”

Or, as singer Nick Cave recently put it, it represents a “grotesque mockery of what it is to be human”.

But what does ChatGPT know about dance music – if anything?

909originals decided to put it to the test, with a simple question: what are the best techno tracks of all time?

‘Determining the “best” techno tracks of all time is a matter of personal opinion, and can vary widely depending on individual taste’, the artificial intelligence interface told us, before putting together a list that is, let’s face it, not bad at all.

The 10 best techno tracks of all time, according to ChatGPT

1 – Strings of Life by Derrick May
2 – Acid Tracks by Phuture
3 – Energy Flash by Joey Beltram
4 – Stakker Humanoid by Humanoid
5 – Good Life by Inner City
6 – Dominator by Human Resource
7 – Alleys of Your Mind by Cybotron
8 – Spastik by Plastikman
9 – Windowlicker by Aphex Twin
10 – No UFO’s by Model 500

A couple of obvious choices there, but also some surprises – note the off-piste inclusion of Cybotron, and one of their lesser-known cuts as well.

According to ChatGPT, ‘These tracks are just a few examples of the many groundbreaking and influential techno tracks that have helped shape the genre over the years.’ It’s not wrong there… 🙂

Here’s a playlist compiled of ChatGPT’s selections.

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