Few things can achieve such a brilliant effect as well-chosen words. As all writers know, through words you can convey so many things that we cannot even begin to grasp their vastness. If you’ve ever needed to use some of the best paper writing services, you’ve probably wondered how those people play so well with words. They twist and turn them into something marvelous. Yet, there is one other sphere where you can see an even bigger effect. That is songwriting.

There have been hundreds of thousands of songwriters. Few have achieved success, though. It’s hard to touch the soul of your listeners. The 10 greatest songwriters of all time, though, have accomplished this feat again and again. So, let’s check who they are.

Bob Dylan

If we are talking about the best songwriters of all time, we cannot help but think about Bob Dylan. Frequently compared to Shakespeare, Bob Dylan has gained the amazing praise of being declared the first songwriter who managed to win the Nobel Prize in Literature. This wonderful accomplishment happened in 2016 after prolific work on his part. The number of pieces of recorded songs he’s written goes over 500. He’s been introduced to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988. He’s also won an Oscar and almost a dozen Grammys.

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