Hopefully, you are enjoying all the best that summer has to offer, and Happy Pride! We know that we can count on the world’s best DJs and producers to kick the summer releases up a notch, and June is no exception!

The June chart sees the return of Villanis with Ladies On Mars cooking up a killer remix, Suki Soul singing her heart out, not once, but twice, La Felix giving us some fantastic nu-disco vibes, and Dam Swindle surprising us with an awesome new track. You will not be disappointed by all of the other incredible artists that fill out the top 15 songs!

As many parts of the world still seem to be upside down, let’s focus on the positives that our beloved disco/funk/nu-disco music provides. Unity and love are what we are looking for, and we thank the artists involved for giving us sweet slices of that dream.

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Check out the SoundCloud playlist below:

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