October is always a fun time of year full of Halloween celebrations, pumpkin carving, hayrack rides, and enjoying the last of pumpkin spice everything before we dive right into Christmas! We in the disco community are always looking for a good party, and the fifteen artists on this month’s chart are here to serve it up!

October’s chart welcomes back some familiar faces like Moon Boots, Igor Gonya, Pat Lok, HP Vince and Sammy Deuce, and Ken@Work, while making room for some newer talents like Prisma Deer, Saint-Loup-En-Bray, Sequenceprogram, Eugenio Fico and more. We love our disco and love it even more when we can say hello to fresh talent!

So, now is the time to dive into what makes these fifteen tracks awesome and why you are going to want to know more about each and every artist that is making such terrific contemporary disco/nu-disco/funk music! Let’s go!

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Check out the SoundCloud playlist below:

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