Roy Rosenfeld

This month we heard the best releases from usual suspect labels such as All Day I Dream, Anjunadeep, Tale & Tone, and Hoomidaas. Lush bangers from these imprints come as almost no surprise. Dig a little deeper into our list and you’ll find psychedelic melodies, a Balearic homage, and vibes that will make you levitate. Grab your highest fidelity headphones and power up your speakers for these tracks from producers such as Armen Miran, Lost Desert, Modd, Fluida, Nacho Varela & Cruz Vittor, Kora, and more.

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This month’s spotlight goes to this Roy Rosenfeld remix that breaks out of the mold, even a bit out of this producer’s own usual style. The evolving sound design of a thematic riff matches charmingly with a vocal that bridges song and dance. It’s a bit different than the organic house that has been topping charts this summer, and to us, that fresh breeze is exactly what our ears have been missing.


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What is Organic House Music?

Not sure what defines the sub-genre of organic house?

Throughout the 2000-teens, a few new underground styles were emerging and branching off from the vein of deep house into what was being called playa tech, deep melodic house, and organica, among others.

It clearly expresses its lineage from deep house, while merging with folk-rooted, acoustic sounds inspired by music of the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa & North Africa, India, and the Mediterranean. More recently, it has merged again with uplifting and euphoric melodies reminiscent of Balearic and trance music from days past.

Without much input from the community of producers, DJs, dancers, and listeners, Beatport arbitrarily invented a new label for these emerging styles for their own categorical purposes and we’ve been gong along with it ever since then. And don’t worry, even if your house music is non-organic, it’s still safe to consume.

For more information, check out our deep dive into the genre.

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