April flew by with several festivals and events providing the perfect chance for new music to be heard and tested. Each month I personally go thru hundreds of new promos and releases to find the very best progressive house vibes for all our Magnetic readers.

The genre itself lends to a progressive flow in music from opening vibes to melodic gems and driving “Melodic Techno” rhythms. A legend in the genre, Hernan Cattaneo stated it best in interviews saying “I don’t just play progressive, rather I play progressively”.

Favorites this month include a solid new track by Kennedy One as well as new music by Abity. Both tracks have a dark and rolling quality to them that really brings me back to the older days of progressive house where the beats and bass always took center stage. 

While I still love the melody-driven vibes of modern-day progressive house, there’s something hard to beat about the driving quality of the the first two tracks on this list…

Moving further down the list sees  originals from Daniel Testas & Miss Dominguez, as well as The Real Xperience. Remixing Integral Bread is Dmitry Molosh

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