June brought on the summer heat and summer sounds in full swing with temperatures soaring in Miami and around the world.

There were so many stand out productions this month across the Progressive House genre as well as with-in labels themselves releasing amazing new music week after week. Notable releases this month come from artists including RauschhausPanayiotis TassisEzequiel Arias and Sebastian Sellares.

We also get some top notch remixes of recent and classic Progressive tracks including The Cobb remixing Kamilo Sanclemente’s “Return of the Jedi” as well as Chris Odium remixing the 1993 classic “Nothing” by James Holden featuring Julie Thompson with his fresh new bootleg cut.

Checkout the top 15 Progressive House selections of June 2022 below and listen to the whole chart as well. 

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Rauschhaus has been on a productive roll with excellent original and remixes coming out one after another. True to the his quality style he delivers a top notch new Progressive House original entitled “Kaiju” on the Mango Alley label. 

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