Roland TR-808 (photo by Brandon Daniel)

Roland TR-808 (photo by Brandon Daniel)

If you’re making hip-hop, rap, trap, drill music, or anything with a super-heavy low-end, 808 samples will be the best way to achieve what you’re after. But buying new 808 sample packs can get incredibly expensive, especially when you’re just starting out as a producer.

So if you just need to start making hard-hitting music, everything you need to get started is right here. These are some of the hardest-hitting kits available, and you’ll get instant improvements to your beats within just a few minutes of using these packs.

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Finding The Right 808

Choosing an 808 high-quality sample that works with your song is the most crucial first step. Most of what makes a knocking song is simply a correct sample selection. Always be on the lookout for clean samples with an excellent sustain that you can alter and change to suit your needs.

You also have the option to synthesize your own 808 samples out of synths like Serum or Deva. These give you a bit more control over your 808s, but take longer to dial in correctly and can easily take you out of the creative flow when you’re in the studi0.

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