One of Ableton Live’s strongest features is Max4Live

Max4Live is an ecosystem within Ableton itself that allows creators to build and design their own effects and instruments to use in their projects. Better yet, they can also share these tools with the greater production community.

This results in some of the most useful, interesting, and downright inspiring production tools on the market (more often than not, completely free of charge). 

Aera is a German DJ, producer, and Applied Magic label head, whose latest album wouldn’t be near as prolific if it wasn’t for Max4Live’s functionality. So to celebrate this, we decided to bring him on to break down his favorite Max4Live plugins that every Ableton user should have in their arsenal. 

Stream Aera’s ‘Versions’ Below

Aera's 'Versions'

This ten-track LP runs the gamut of left-field electronica, trip-hop, and more. While the genres themselves aren’t important, the texture and composition certainly are and are the reason why this album shines.

Each track offers a different perspective on the producer’s mastery over music while still managing to seamlessly meld into each other in a way that only true self-expression can manage.  

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