Melodic house is on the rise, more so today than ever before, and for a good reason.

The east-to-listen-to beats are just as effective in the club scene as they are while doing chores around the house, and while many clubgoers may have gotten into electronic music during the EDM boom a decade ago; many have matured into tasteful fans of the more nuanced genres of club music – of which melodic house was ready and waiting for them. 

Ashibah is no stranger to melodic house, having a string of releases on some of the more popular labels releasing that sound. So to celebrate the release of her latest three-track EP on Lane 8’s This Never Happened Label, we invited her on to help us curate the short list of the best melodic house labels in the game right now

“I’m a sucker for arpeggiators and emotional chord progressions that’s why Melodic house is one of my fav genres, especially the uplifting side of it. So I have compiled a list of some of my fav labels and tracks. Some classics and some discoveries.” – Ashibah

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