Bross is a household name in the thriving Romanian club scene. Having made a name for himself after scoring a #1 hit on Beatport and a string of successful other releases on labels such as All Day I Dream and Troubadour, his deep and melodic sound is not something to sleep on.

And while his organic house tracks have been heard around the globe, it is on his local scene where most of his attention is focused. Bross’s involvement in co-founding Deep House Bucharest has established him as a champion of the local scene, organizing events that helped establish a community in Romania. The success of these events opened the door to other cities in the country. 

And to celebrate the release of his latest single, ‘No More Games,’ we invited him to come on and share the six plugins and VSTs he loves to use to get his iconic organic house sound.

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Drum Buss

drum bus

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