Victrola Re-Spin

Victrola’s Re-Spin is just small enough to be taken on the go, but it’s not the only option on the market…

As vinyl has continued its meteoric rise in renewed popularity, more and more developers are emphasizing portability over all things; even affordability is coming in second place over the option of having a portable turntable.

Portable turntables have been a thing now for just long enough to have seen seemingly hundreds of different options come and go, weeding out the poor options and leaving only the portable vinyl players with something to offer to remain.

But that still doesn’t mean your job of picking the best portable record player for you will be easy; there are still many excellent options for you. So we did the heavy lifting and late-night compiling to offer you the best eight record players on the market that are portable enough to sound great on the go but also work just as well listening to your favorite albums and records at home.

Victrola Re-Spin

Victrola Re-Spin in Green

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