We’re very excited to launch the beta version of our curated NFT music marketplace, XNFT.

This is a beta version and going forward, we will be adding new creators, NFTs, and functionality features, such as categories and tagging, showcases, payment options, and community pages, daily. 

For our first drop, we’ve worked with a set of artists who are offering a wide range of NFTs, from rare one-of-one collectibles featuring both physical and digital products to audio-visual tracks, a 90-minute live show recording, and an accessible synthwave album in an edition of 200.

We’ve put together a roundup of the NFTs available on the first drop, with links to the respective NFT pages. All prices are set in xDai, the blockchain powering XNFT, which is pegged to the US dollar. We chose xDai for its speed, very low fees, and minimal energy consumption. You can find detailed instructions for setting up xDai here.

We believe Web3 technology and NFTs could become the most important distribution channel for recorded music and other forms of content and allow creators to earn a decent living from their craft and we look forward to building this platform, with your input, to serve the music community.

For anyone interested in joining the beta version, email us at nft@xlr8r.com and join our Discord server and community.


FLUMDOT “Cryptic Polyphony”

FLUMDOT, the artist formerly known as Jad Taleb, is a London-based producer, DJ and digital artist born in Lebanon. After 10 years spent working in the middle east and northern Africa, Taleb has released music through Get Physical and Exploited, DJ’d for RBMA and Boiler Room, and even worked as a film composer. His brand of acidic techno takes influence from the obscure sounds of the middle east, making him one of the most interesting electronic artists ever to emerge from the region.

His NFT “Cryptic Polyphony” is a deep, driving club track, with an analog synth line and a vocal sample that will make your hairs stand on end, with a fascinating animation accompanying the track and completing the package. The buyer will also receive FLUMDOT’s debut album Dormant on CD, signed and shipped by the artist, as well as “Cryptic Polyphony” in .wav form complete with its high-resolution video and artwork. Taleb says the NFT revolution “brings the power to artists to take control over their creation and widen their reach in a self-curated environment.”

Price: 450 XDAI | editions available: 1 

Scratch Massive “Live at Gaite Lyrique” 

French-duo Scratch Massive are celebrating 10 years since the release of their breakthrough album Nuit de Rêve, a record which earned them cult status among electronic heads in both Europe and North America. Since working with Moritz von Oswald, Cristian Vogel, and Jimmy Somerville, they are now making their colossal homecoming show in Paris available through an NFT. The pair—comprising Maud Geoffrey and Sebastien Chenut—played La Gaite Lyrique in the French capital in March 2019, rolling through classics like “Last Dance” and “Waiting for a Sign” to a rapturous audience. On purchase, one buyer will get to watch and own the footage from the 90-minute gig as it happened, with no editing or retouching, filmed in all its glory from the front-of-house.

Price: 1500 XDAI | editions available: 1 


Producer-DJ duo John Dimas and Claus Voigtmann met at Gottwood festival after exchanging music online. Within moments of meeting it was like they had known each other their entire lives. Both interested in technology, science fiction, and, of course, techno, they formed an intuitive connection that would eventually result in a collaborative album.

They talk about INTERNAL TRANSMISSION like it’s some scientific miracle rather than a piece of music. “In a secret laboratory in an unknown location, two lifeforms not of this world were at work,” reads their description. “They did not talk. They did not move. They simply sat, doing the impossible.” True to form, each track on the album is named after a chemical element, which combine to make a compound they’re calling “VOIGT.MAS.”

Making the album available as an NFT made a lot of sense. “It’s the future,” says Dimas. “We call it sci-fi techno.” Their album will be available to the general public on vinyl and streaming services in July, but buying the NFT will get one buyer a unique dubplate featuring an unreleased Voigtmann track, an unreleased John Dimas track, and the VOIGT.MAS track “Cloud Synergy,” previously released on the 2020 Gottwood Festival compilation Nottwax. The NFT also includes an exclusive six-minute video to accompany the album track “CARBON” by Italian visual artist Lucia Bertazzo, as well as two additional 4K frames extracted from the video. 

Both Voigtmann and Dimas hail the way NFTs could change the music industry. “It’s about taking back control over your own art,” says Voigtmann. Dimas agrees: “The artist has the power.”

Price: 1515 XDAI | editions available: 2

Alejandro Mosso “Tourist”

An Argentinian who has found his musical home in Berlin, Alejandro Mosso has been playing house and techno to audiences around the world for over 15 years. Through DJing and live sets, he has played such clubs as Fabric, Tresor, and Amnesia, as well as clubs in South and North America, Africa, and Asia. As a producer, he has released through such labels as Cocoon, Third Ear, and !K7, as well as being remixed by legends like Ricardo Villalobos, and Burnt Friedmann.

In typical Mosso style, his NFT track “Tourist” is a rolling, late-night epic, described by the artist as “unique and quirky minimal house music.” Buying the NFT will allow exclusive access to the track and 16 stems in .wav form, plus its high-resolution artwork. “Tourist” will not be available on any streaming services. 

Price: 600 XDAI | editions available: 1

Maelstrom “A Comfortable Cage” & “Patience”

Maelstrom sounds unlike any other artist in the world. A master at techno and electro, the veteran French producer has released through a range of labels in the last 20 years, including singles on CPU, Cultivated Electronics, Private Persons, and Clone (under an unspecified alias), as well as his debut album Rhizome on his own label RAAR. His two NFT tracks “A Comfortable Cage” and “Patience” pick up where Rhizome left off, with metallic rumbling underscored by a dancefloor sensibility reminiscent of Objekt’s Cocoon Crush. The “Patience” NFT also includes stems of the track and a signed copy of Rhizome on vinyl, making it a coveted collectible for fans of his work.

“Patience”- Price: 1400 XDAI | editions available: 1

 “A Comfortable Cage”- Price: 150 XDAI | editions available: 10

GroundBIRD “Into the Wave” 

Andy Thomson is a producer and sound designer who makes music for television under the name GroundBIRD. After working in the UK house scene for several years with his label Baker Street Recordings, he has now made music for BT Sport, Costa Coffee, and Tesla.

GroundBIRD’s NFT “Into the Wave” is a 12-track album of synthwave, which buyers can use in film production or for their own enjoyment. 200 copies of the NFT are available; each track comes with a non-exclusive music license and complete stems, meaning you can edit or remix it any way you like upon purchase. “NFTs have the potential to revolutionize the whole game in terms of writing for TV,” says Thomson. “They can give production companies complete control over their soundtracks and once more make music a valued asset rather than a post-production afterthought.”

Price: 20 XDAI | editions available: 200 

Julian Perez “Break-even”

The brains behind two record labels in Fathers & Sons Productions and Girada Unlimited, Spanish DJ Julian Perez has been releasing electronic music for over a decade. Inspired by the ’90s rave sounds of the US and the UK, he has played in Moscow, Paris, London, Offenbach, and a host of clubs in other cities around the world. 10 buyers of his NFT will get Perez’s second album Break-Even on vinyl before it goes on sale and is released to the general public.

Price: 80-170 XDAI | editions available: 10

Remute “Nobel” 

Remute has released over 300 singles in the past decade, including cuts on labels like Tresor, Bedrock, and Ladomat 2000. And he is no stranger to obscure methods of distribution. In 2019 he released his album Technoptimistic on a Sega game cartridge. Following a string of rave reviews, he repeated the trick with 2020’s The Cult Of Remute (released on the Super Nintendo) and 2021’s Electronic Lifestyle (released as a HuCard for the obscure PC-Engine, a.k.a. the Turbografx-16). Making an NFT is a natural transition then. 

He describes his 27-minute track “Nobel” as a “vibrant sound compendium”, featuring an AI voice reading the names of all Nobel laureates until 2015, with further sounds synthesized from the names’ phonemes. The buyer will get exclusive access to the track, as well as .wav files of the instrumental version and a separate AI speech stem.

Price: 399 XDAI | editions available: 1

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