Ahead of Earth Day, SkyNRG, CHOOOSE, DGTL Festival, Revolution Foundation and Bye Bye Plastic Foundation announced today they have joined forces and launched a new climate action tool named ‘’The Climate Gig’’. The tool enables artists, fans and venues to enjoy live music travels in a more sustainable way, by reducing the carbon footprint of travels to and from events with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and/or carbon offsets. Artists and festivals already using the tool include Deer Jade, SHARE, BLOND:ISH and DGTL Festival, with more to be announced. 

‘When we reached out to artists about this project, we found out most of them were already engaged in more sustainable travel. Agencies already implemented offset programs for their roster and really thought about their journeys. This showed we’re all on the same page and motivated us to join forces and take the next step forward’ said DGTL Festival’s Artist Handler Jelle Lobbes.

Created by five organizations with a passion for music and sustainability, the tool aims to be the answer to the question ‘’How can we remove the carbon-heavy component of live events, without jeopardizing the key consequence: traveling to meet each other and experience music in the flesh?’. For music fans, The Climate Gig calculates and reduces the carbon footprint of their journey based on their choice of transportation and travel destination. Fans can then pick any mix of SAF and high-standards carbon offsets to lower the footprint associated with that travel.

For artists and music venues, The Climate Gig offers even more options. By creating a profile, users can calculate and reduce the carbon footprint of entire events, crew, transportation, accommodation, and more. It is also possible to view detailed order history , access in-depth climate project content, and track the positive climate impact in real-time.

DJ and climate activist BLOND:ISH commented, “I love my career & am super grateful for all the places where I get to play & be a voice for change. But travel emissions continue to be a big dilemma for me. I’m a climate activist & I want to remove single-use plastics from the scene, so I really don’t feel at ease burning all this fuel to go spread my music. The Climate Gig is a perfect solution for me, & I hope it gets a lot of love in the industry”. 

Want to know more? Email hey@theclimategig.com or visit www.theclimategig.com.

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