In September 1995 a small independent record label was launched from the back streets of Rotherham in South Yorkshire, England.  

Tidy Trax was its name and it took inspiration from the sounds of the underground gay club scene in London and the rave culture of the early 90s. Over the next 3 decades it went on to define the term ‘Hard House’.

Tidy became more than just a record label, it went beyond clubs, drugs, pubs and parties. It literally changed people’s lives creating memories and friendships that would last a lifetime. Tidy put random retro fun with self-deprecation and a sense of showtime back into clubbing. With its music, artwork, events and fanbase, Tidy went on to create a sub-culture of its own.

Still going strong to this day, Tidy has gained almost cult like status amongst it’s many fans around the world and with this in mind we proudly present our brand new book, ‘The Cult Of Tidy’; a graphical joyride through the history of the label. 

It’s a celebration of the sights and sounds that made Tidy and created the genre of music known as Hard House. 

Released in 2 parts, ‘The Cult Of Tidy’ part 1 focuses on the brands first 10 years and the journey from backstreet label to high street record store. Featuring over 360 pages of rare photos, images and words that perfectly document clubbing and dance music culttuire from the late 90’s through to the mid 00’s, this is an essential companion for anyone that has danced, listened or appreciated Hard House music.

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