On April 8th, Xinobi released his third album, Balsame, the long-awaited follow-up to the acclaimed On The Quiet. Balsame is an expansive labor of love preceded by the single, ‘La Tormenta’, which not only opens the album but introduces the first of a host of guest collaborators crossing both musical and geographical boundaries in the process.

Xinobi - Balsame [Disco Texas]

Xinobi – Balsame [Disco Texas]

Coming off the back of an immensely productive year in 2021, that included Xinobi revisiting the aforementioned ‘On the Quiet’ by re-releasing it as an expanded version, as well as seeing him re-collaborating with Portuguese Fado singer Gisela João, their first joint outing since their much-lauded crossover single ‘Fado Para Esta Noite’ and adding to his remix roster with remixes for other eclectic artists such as Luca Musto, Omri Guetta & Omer Tayar. He also found time to release lots of his own new music with an EP, ‘Morangos’, on Frau Blau and topped the year off with his latest single ‘Helium’. He was prolific, to say the least. Since then, he has been in the studio, at the new Discotexas headquarters in Lisbon, applying the finishing touches to Balsame. 

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