Whether you know it or are too young to understand it quite yet, urban music is the defining foundation of all things dance music. Finding its origins in the cultural nightlife of Chicago and Detroit, dance music has evolved from where it started decades ago.

But at its core, electronica’s soul is still that of urban culture and its influences. 

The duo Night Tales embrace these influences, allowing their music to be a perfect culmination of all of the steps urban music has taken to arrive at the point where it is today. 

And with the release of their latest single, “Patient,” there would be no better time than now to chat with these two about black culture’s effects on today’s dance music industry and the sounds of electronica. 

Stream Night Tales Latest Single, “Patient”

Night Tales’ mission is to pioneer urban culture in the alternative electronic music scene. They hope to diversify and represent people of color in electronic music – championing acceptance and accessibility, and “Patient” is the perfect example of these ambitions. 

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