Early this year, Berlin-based artist The Allegorist came out with her 4th album, Blind Emperor. The layered project used the power of soundscapes to create a detailed fictitious story of a mythical land that trudges through struggles on its way to revelations of prosperity. The protagonist, Blind Emperor, leads the charge into a brighter tomorrow in a textured aesthetic of an epic, cinematic, choral, ambient techno album. Anna Jordan (The Allegorist) has a holistic approach to her projects. She created the album art, wrote an included story, and composed a poem that all combined to tell the imperial fantasy.

In another component of the aggregate story, The Allegorist is releasing The Round Table, a Blind Emperor Remix Album, including animations of an eclectic mix of colored smoke representing each featured artist. She has also crafted a short story to go with the record, which depicts the origin of the Blind Emperor‘s momentous gathering. Six enthralling artists each take a track from the original album and reimagine them in their interpretation. The remixed work adds another chapter to the fable of Blind Emperor with new layers of edge, tension, divulgence, plot, and twisting paths added through the much-anticipated meeting.

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