fire giant elden ring boss battle

Elden Ring boasts an impressive 165 bosses for players to battle, many of whom are weak and repetitive, but a select few will give even the most tested players a run for their money. This is potentially the highest number of bosses in any game and the most bosses in any FromSoftware game to date.

In this article, we’ll talk about one of my favorite bosses in all of Elden Ring: The Fire Giant of the Flame Peak at the Mountaintops of the Giants. We’ll dive deep into the lore of the boss and some high-level tips on defeating one of the most challenging bosses, at least in my opinion, in the game.

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Fire Giant Lore

fire giant lore in elden ring

The Fire Giant is a boss that can be found in the game Elden Ring. This boss is located outside the Flame Peak at the Mountaintops of the Giants. The Fire Giant is the last survivor of the War against the Giants. This creature is an enormous red-haired humanoid with a face on its torso—the Fire Giant attacks using powerful fire magic. Players must defeat the Fire Giant to progress to the Forge of the Giants. Upon death, this boss will drop 180,000 runes and the Remembrance of the Fire Giant.

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