At this point, the GoPro brand has achieved Kleenex status, which doesn’t mean it blows, quite the opposite. The brand is so prominent that it is now used to describe any action camera that might be bolted to a human attempting “Kodak moment” maneuvers on anything from bikes to snowboards. Throughout its action sports upbringing, this camera has evolved from an evidence collector for lunatics into a fully functioning device for vloggers, filmmakers, travel nuts, and anyone who wants fantastic photos and video footage. These guys invented a category and continue to improve upon it and push the boundaries of what the small camera like this can do.

We got a hold of the GoPro Hero 11 Black a few weeks ago and have been taking it on various adventures to test its capabilities. As most GoPro faithful know, the evolution has been continuous but only sometimes worthy of jumping into the latest and greatest model, which in many ways is a testament to the quality of the cameras; you don’t need to upgrade every year!

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Unboxing The New GoPro HERO 11 Black 

So let’s start with what’s new on the Hero 11 Black and what immediately caught our attention.

The first thing camera nerds will note is the larger sensor which allows for better image quality and excellent lowlight performance. Along with the larger sensor is 10-bit color video, a super cool Ultra-Wide’ HyperView’ field of view, and HyperSmooth 5.0 Video Stabilization which is mind-blowing. 

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