Review The Iron Oath

The world of The Iron Oath is fraught with danger 

My 20 hours I’ve clocked in The Iron Oath thus far have been a very refreshing early access experience. 

I’ve had only minor bug encounters and no gameplay hiccups while working my way through the tutorial of The Iron Oath, a new turn-based tactical RPG that hit Steam in early access back in April (2022). 

First Impressions Of The Iron Oath

I was only reminded that I was playing an early access game when I entered dialogue with a character who had a picture of a silhouette as a stand in for an NPC picture or when I encountered a glass ceiling while leveling up members of my company.

Certain branches of the skill tree are “locked in this early access build,” which I would assume is due to balancing work that still needs to be done. Other than that, you can expect to be met with a cohesive early access experience.

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