Juice WRLD Lucid Dream Sample

In May 2018, American rapper Juice WRLD released his track ‘Lucid Dreams’ to critical acclaim. Debuting at the 74th slot on Billboard’s Hot 100, the song went on to accrue over 2 billion streams on Spotify alone. 

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‘Lucid Dreams’ is built around a singular sample that kicks off right at the beginning of the track and plays throughout the rest of the record. This sample was taken from one of the most significant yet unlikely sources you may have expected. So let’s dive into where the sample came from, what the sample thinks of its usage, and some other fun facts around the release. 

Where Is The Sample In “Lucid Dreams” By Juice WRLD From? 

The sample that forms the track’s foundation is built around the famous song ‘Shape Of My Heart” by the performing artist Sting. 

The sample can be most easily heard in the original mix around the 00:10 mark and plays throughout most of the track. 

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