The Midnight Stranger Things

Synthwave has always been a bit of a niche-market genre with a devoted fanbase. But unlike most other genres of its size, the feelings that synthwave conjures are visceral.

Because synthwave thrives on nostalgia, a powerful emotion that all humans react strongly to. So whether it’s longing for childhood, music on MTV, or simply just watching a wholesome movie that isn’t a part of a franchised-money-grab universe, synthwave has what you’re looking for. 

Nobody knows that better than LA-based duo The Midnight, who has been at the forefront of the synthwave movement since its earliest inception and has helped shape the genre into what we know today. 

So to celebrate the release of their latest album Heroes, we brought the boys on to share the synthwave music they believe are masterclasses in the genre and inspired them to the height in which The Midnight now resides. 

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