free vital presets

Vital is a synth that isn’t necessarily new to the market but has been slowly gaining popularity over the past year. The main reason why it’s slowly but surely working its way to replace more popular, paid synths, such as Serum, is because it’s free to use!

Well, at least sort of. The VItal VST is available in several different purchasing tiers, the cheapest of which is the free version which has made it more accessible than ever to newer producers.

And one of the best ways for newer producers to start learning how a synth works and how to design sounds of their own is through reverse engineering other popular presets, which means that producers of all levels are constantly searching for free, pro-quality sounds. That is why we did the heavy lifting for you and compiled the ultimate list of free Vital presets that you can start using in your productions right away.

Need More Free Presets? We got you

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