BOSS announces a brand new distortion pedal which continues to Waza Craft family line of premium guitar and effects pedals. 

This pedal is based on the iconic DS-1, and fuses the look and tonality of the legendary pedal with two brand-new modes of distortion to create a discrete analog circuit for more versatility than ever before.

What is the DS-1 Guitar pedal?

Originally brought to market in 1978, the DS-1 was one of the earliest BOSS products. At the time, the original DS-1 redefined what the sound of distortion was and remains just as influential to this day. 

The DS-1W carries on the legacy of the original with a hard-edged attack and a buttery-smooth sustain. The original pedal has sold over 1.5 million copies, and this new iteration is sure to do the same (if not more). 

The iconic orange stomp is behind the signature sounds of a long list of rock, alternative, and fusion legends, and its aggressive tone can be heard on countless famous tracks. Filled with artful Waza Craft refinements, the DS-1W expands the DS-1 experience for a broader range of styles and applications.

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