Nomatic has been one of our brands of choice over the last few years from luggage, to travel backpacks and now photo bags with their most recent collaboration with photographer/influencer Peter McKinnon. Last year they introduced the Peter McKinnon 35L Camera Pack which was an absolute beast and is perfect for carrying heavy gear loads from cameras to drones to lenses and all your accessories. Learn More HERE.

For the second go-around, Nomatic is focusing on a set of smaller bags and accessories meant for more of your day-to-day workloads. We got a chance to check out the new collection at the Outdoor Retailer trade show and just got a set to take on some test runs out in the wild. Here are our thoughts and the product breakdown for the new daily line. 

McKinnon x Nomatic Camera Backpack 25L ($299.00)

The core value proposition of this bag is the ability to modify it to cater to your day-to-day needs via its ladder system and accessory line which includes dividers and small/large camera cubes. As you can see in the video above the ways to pack this 25L bag to your specifications are seemingly endless. 

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