Get the Arc GTS Hub Here

Get the Arc GTS Hub Here

The Zeus Arc GTS on its own is a fantastic vaporizer, dare we say it might be one of the best on the market, but the Hub system takes its greatness even further.

The Hub system is a little confusing at first, but once you dive in and get a handle on all the components, you will be grinding up your flower faster than Cheech at a Grateful Dead concert. So let’s start with what who this thing is made for and what comes with it.

Who Needs This? If you are someone that loves vaporizing flower and need a simple, hard-hitting, stealthy and convenient solution – then the Arc GTS Hub is probably for you. Its ArcPod loading solution keeps you going strong when you are on the go and not in a place where you can break out the weed and grind.

The Hub comes with everything you need to go out of the box, and the actual box itself is a hard-sided carrying case perfect for storing or traveling with your new little buddy. You get a premium Arc GTS vaporizer, cleaning supplies, multiple screens, a special grinder, and some ArcPods.

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