Oskitone has released Scout, a build-it-yourself monosynth that you can apparently put together in 45 minutes. It’s open-source, too, and Oskitone encourages you to get a little nerdy and hack it to reprogram its code to customise the sound.

The Scout is a beginner-friendly piece of kit, thanks to through-hole components for easy assembly and soldering. It’s powered by AAA batteries and also has a built-in speaker for full standalone operation.

If you are lucky enough to have access to a 3D printer you can print parts for the 160 mm wide synth on Mini size print beds. So all very DIY, if you will!

If you’re keen to get a little hacky, you can hack Scout. You can connect it to a computer via an FTDI Serial TTL-232 cable and update its code using the Arduino IDE software. You can find the code on Github.

The DIY kit with prices starting at $42. Otherwise, you can purchase a pre-assembled Scout for $125. You can find out more HERE

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