free midi files

MIDI files are a secret weapon to more producers than you probably realize. They allow you to create instant vibes in the studio and avoid that intimidating empty project. You drag MIDI files into your DAW, load up a preset, and instantly make music (you hardly even have to know theory to start getting the most out of your time in the studio).

That said, MIDI files should be used as tools and not be relied upon exclusively for your ideas. But they are an incredible way to fast-track your production process.

And with that in mind, the last thing we at Magnetic want for you is to get bogged down in the search for midi files to download. We want you cranking out tracks in the studio, not downloading files and crossing your fingers. They are even worth the space on your hard drive.

So we put together the ultimate list of free professional midi files you can download immediately and use in your productions. These are the best midi files online; at least you can get them free, so let’s dive into our recommendations.

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