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The Team

Pete Gordon

Hailing from Wellington, New Zealand now residing in Melbourne, Australia, I’m an avid dance music fan, record collector and DJ with over 20 years experience.  I found my way into the scene through trance, techno and house music, but it was when I finally stumbled into progressive house, I knew I’d found my home!  Never been one […]

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Annk /AhÄ Lab/ INU Music   Nazaret Gorgonio   Mêxico,

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Dave Lazenby

Dave Lazenby has always been obsessed by music. He spent all his pocket money as a boy on the on the punk, electronica and new wave music of the day and has never stopped searching for the latest gems since.   He got used to being asked asked to “turn it down” as a very young […]

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Deacon Cross

While many DJ names are a gimmick, randomly chosen, or picked because it represents the genre the artist plays, Deacon is actually a deacon, and yes, he wears a cross, no pun intended.   A few years ago, well 1998 to be exact, Deacon meets two members of ’The Island Connection’ and this is when his music related  journey […]

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Daria Fomina

Daria Fomina was born in Moscow. Her passion for music began in early childhood, and she asked her parents to send her to study piano at a music school. Dasha loved everything related to music, sang in the choir, collected music on cassettes, CD various genres ranging from classical music to alternative rock, both novelties […]

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HARSH started his career in 2012 and now he is Upcoming Young Artist playing Dark Progressive / Progressive Techno and Melodic in Island of Sri Lanka. He is having 9 year experience worked in Local Clubs and Out Door and he works with Sound Edge Entertainment Apart from his DJ career he is doing Sound […]

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