Drum & Bass is a genre deeply engrained in the underground world of dance music. Sure, it’s never the biggest and most popular genre of EDM, but it’s constantly doing its things under the surface and earning its place in the hearts and souls of clubgoers. 

And the remix culture engrained in any genre with as much history attached to it as D&B means that there is always a healthy amount of flips, reworks, and official remixes to enjoy. But not every remix is worth your time of day or spots on your playlist. 

This is why we invited Drum & Bass duo Koven on to curate their short list of the best drum and bass remixes of all time as a way to celebrate their latest release; a VIP iteration of their iconic track ‘Lions,’ out now on Monstercat. 

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Above & Beyond – Love Is Not Enough (feat. Zoë Johnston) (Hybrid Minds Remix)

This is the perfect combination of drum and bass, euphoria, and trance, it all comes together so wonderfully. Hybrid Minds have been doing some incredible things for the DNB scene, making it more accessible and reaching larger audiences. 

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