With ‘Coexist’, The xx defied any perceived “difficult second album” pressures to create a record that cemented their status as a truly global breakout act. On the follow-up to their acclaimed, era-defining debut, the London-based trio of Romy Madly Croft, Oliver Sim and Jamie Smith (aka Jamie xx) continued to deal in compelling, sparse atmospherics but expanded their musical world, especially through producer Jamie’s growing electronic sound palette.

‘Coexist’ surpassed expectations to become the best-selling vinyl record of 2012. Meanwhile, the band progressed from playing intimate venues to becoming an international must-see live act, curating their own festivals and collaborating with symphony orchestras. A final ambitious run of 25 shows at New York’s legendary Armory venue rounded off the album campaign, witnessed by fellow artists (such as Beyonce, Jay-Z and Madonna) and fans alike.

“That’s the special thing of having records, is that they are a concrete diary, a moment in our friendship…the fact that it’s been 10 years and reflecting on that time passing and the music belonging to other people in those 10 years – ‘Coexist’ means something to us – but the connections that people have to those songs now. Fleeting moments of people saying they got married walking down the aisle to ‘Angels’, that is very surreal and special to be part of those people’s lives.” – The xx

To celebrate 10 years of ‘Coexist’, The xx will release a limited edition, crystal clear vinyl pressing of the record, available to pre-order now. An expanded digital edition will also feature live versions of fan favourites “Angels”, “Chained’, “Reunion & Sunset” – find both HERE.

Tracklist – ‘Coexist (Deluxe Edition)’
1. Angels
2. Chained
3. Fiction
4. Try
5. Reunion
6. Sunset
7. Missing
8. Tides
9. Unfold
10. Swept Away
11. Our Song
12. Angels (Live)
13. Chained (Live)
14. Reunion & Sunset (Live)

As part of their ongoing residency with Apple Music 1, The xx recorded a special Coexist episode of Interludes Radio, inviting fans to share their experiences of the record over the last 10 years. Premiered in Matt Wilkinson’s show, you can now listen back to the episode HERE.

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