“Accidental Enlightenment” is a fluttering sequence of punctuated sounds. Alexander’s synth and piano lines cut across one another in bright, dizzying loops. Upbeat and frantic, the track has a strange, erratic beauty as the two melodies come together to form a dynamic and shifting whole.

The video by Omar El Sadek shares the repetitive energy of the song. Suspended in the air, a misshapen object expands and contracts while bathed in otherworldly light. As the camera drifts closer the shape slowly acquires a kind of cryptic familiarity. We don’t know what we’re watching, but are engrossed all the same. El Sadek is known for his recent video work for MYSLMA and Drew McDowall, which boasts the same twisting brilliance.

Much of this sentiment sprawls through the album, in the uneasy double bass scrapes that lacerate the surface or in the way that the piano continually questions itself, stumbling before it finds its rhythm. Alexander does not present his music as something with a clean narrative arc. Instead, he explores the fragile, troubled nature of the world we inhabit in all its beauty and terror.

The Chinese-British London native has a composition style grounded in neoclassical piano, but also uses cassette four-track tape loops and analogue manipulations to create a dreamlike state that sounds as if the music is being remembered in real time, not so much eroding as shifting in detail and precision before drifting again. More recently he has begun to include synth organs and strings, bringing his sound closer to that of minimalists like Philip Glass, Elodie Lauten, and Terry Riley.

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