The history of electronic music holds a special place for this Madrileño artist who has played a crucial role in building the Spanish industry as we know it today. Since 1991, Cristian Varela has been at the heart of some of the essential episodes of techno’s evolution, emerging as a true pioneer in one of the most diverse arts that make up the landscape of this profession today.

Cristian was one of the first electronic artists to produce live recordings, perform using four turntables, and play at major large-scale events and festivals. He has also set up schools and agencies for national and international artists. He has founded two record labels that have gone on to have a global impact, Black Codes Experiments, and P0RN0GRAPH1C Recordings.

We sat down with the artist and picked his brain about which labels across the industry have been shaping and pushing the sound of techno forward for the past decades. Whether you’re a devoted fan of the genre or simply here to find some good music, Cristian Varela’s breakdown of the more influential techno labels is sure to be enlightening. 

Stream Cristian Varela’s Latest EP

The EP itself has everything a fan of underground techno is looking for. The grizzled synths and pounding percussions simply drip with late-night peak energy while still boasting a maturity rarely seen in today’s sounds. 

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