Tonor Ring Light, AVerMedia DUALCAM, and VEIKK Studio VK2200 Pro Monitor

As more and more creative professionals are working remotely for good, it’s time to consider upping your home studio to create better output and inspire creativity.

Do you really want to have bad lighting on every video conference you do with coworkers and clients? No, you should be well-lit and look professional. 

You wouldn’t show up to an office meeting with sweats on and messy hair – ok, some people would, but overall it’s probably not helping your reputation. Daily video conferences are the new normal for many of us, so maybe it’s time to settle into it and up your game?

It’s time to get a proper background and lighting for your calls, and it starts with a good camera and a simple ring light. We have found some great options priced right and will help you achieve a professional look, great content, and even some innovative solutions.

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