Thymesia is a terror-strewn, face-paced action RPG with intricate weapon systems set in a kingdom infected by a mysterious ever-spreading plague. 

You take on the role of a character known only by his code name: Karbus. In his plague-doctored shoes, you prey upon enemies, harness the powers of the weapons you acquire, and find the hidden truths behind your memories. 

First Impressions Of Thymesia

I got my hands on Thymesia a bit early, and it’s been interesting.  

The first thing that will catch your eye is the aesthetic. This strange world that a plague has twisted reflects this theme throughout my experience and is one of my favorite aspects of this new game. Each area has its unique setting, but they are linked by the fact that a plague has changed them and twisted the world. 

You take on the role of a plague doctor reliving his memories of past events. Starting with only a pair of swords and a claw ability, you are tasked with exploring the pestilent world while discovering new abilities and items. You travel through a short tutorial area that ends in a mini-boss fight and then takes you to the hub area.

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