Touring After COVID

Photo by Luis Suarez

A feather-clad dancer blows kisses to the crowd as Beyoncé’s Renaissance echoes throughout the venue. Performers with horned helmets and painted faces disperse into the packed dance floor, brandishing long staffs as if to bless passersby with nightclub pixie dust. A clearing forms in the middle of the floor and the horned performers crouch to begin their dance. The crowd roars, praying for a meaningful glance from one of the alien superstars that occupy the Hall at Elsewhere.

Intergalactic beings gather monthly for Elseworld––an event that lies somewhere between experimental performance art and a DJ showcase. Though the intricate decor, extraterrestrial performers, and attendees breakdancing through a set in the Loft communicate a painstakingly planned event, only hours before, the venue worried it wouldn’t happen at all.

Cancellations Hit Venues Hard

Cofounder Rami Haykal-Manning reveals that amidst a last-minute cancellation the venue flooded, leaving staff in a soggy limbo for one of their staple events. Wading through pools of drenched glitter, they scrambled to call their DJ friends and salvage the remainder of the decorations. Though you wouldn’t be able to tell from the hoards of costumed guests high-fiving mystical club creatures, this has become the perpetual state of the nightlife industry.

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