TSHA will release a new album in September.

Sad Girl, due for release in September on Ninja Tune, is the UK artist’s second album, following 2022’s Capricorn Sun.

Sonically, we’re told to expect her most danceable work to date with strokes of ’00s R&B, rude electro, and techno.

It sees TSHA welcoming “a new era,” one where she’s putting her own vocal stamp on tracks and “approaching the genres she’s always wanted to.”

Beyond showcasing just the euphoric or melancholy sides of her character, TSHA “puts it all on display,” we’re told. It’s a body of work that “shows it’s OK to be sad, and you can even revel in it.”

The inspiration for the artwork came after, aged 21, TSHA had a dream that she was trapped under ice. She’d been depressed at the time, and imagined walking over a frozen lake, it cracking and her falling into the freezing water. After fighting to try and get out, she gave in, sinking to the bottom.

That dream has always stuck in her head: she linked it to feeling like she was fighting life at the time. On the album’s cover, she’s pulled herself out of the ice, and is laid atop an iceberg, in a glam shot inspired by Thierry Mugler’s fashion photography from the ’80s.

Alongside the announcement, TSHA has shared “Girls,” a club anthem “for the girls and gays” to soundtrack messy nights.”


01. Sad Girl feat. Dan Whitlam
02. Girls feat. Rose Gray
03. In The Night
04. Can’t Dance feat. Master Peace
05. Green
06. Sweet Devotion feat. Caroline Byrne
07. Lonely Girl
08. In Bloom feat. Abi Flynn
09. Azaleas feat. Ingrid Witt
10. Take
11. Drive feat. Ingrid Witt
12. Fight

Sad Girl LP will land on September 27. Meanwhile, you can stream “Girls” featuring Rose Gray and “Sweet Devotion” featuring Caroline Byrne, a previously releases single below. Pre-order is available here.

Photo: Nicole Ngai, Amelia Studios

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