Friday, October 21, 2022, was an eventful day in the music industry. 

Many knew it as a day for album releases by Taylor Swift or Arctic Monkeys, and in addition, the city of Louisville had its own spotlight with several sold-out shows around town. 

Our focus narrowed down to the one and only Paris town Hall tucked away just outside of downtown, and three artists who’d previously performed in the same city now uniting to all perform together on the same night. 

The headliner, Turnstile, seemed to be the main attraction as several references to the group were written over countless shirts outside the venue, but the most interesting part of the night in my opinion came down to the opener whose presence both contradicted and complimented the following acts – a group by the name of Snail Mail.

Event Review

As a long-time fan of Snail Mail, I was glad to see a relatively large fan base showing up early to catch her performance. There were fans clearly at the front singing along to music from her first album, Habit, and the venue was filled with a calm, wholesome vibe throughout. 

This calm vibe was briefly carried over by JPEGMAFIA, subtly introducing himself as he walked onto the stage, but this mellow energy was shattered within seconds of his first song. Water was slung into the wave of people, but this wasn’t enough as he wanted to become a part of the wave, making his way to the crowd several times throughout the night.

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