Back in 2020, Turtle Beach released their flagship Stealth Gen 2 (600 & 700) headsets for Xbox and Playstation consoles. Sadly PC players were left out in the cold and gamers that owned both consoles were stuck with buying two dedicated pairs in order to play between their systems. 

If you remember me ranting and raving about the amazing Stealth Gen 2 headsets in my 2020 Holiday Buyer’s guide, you’ll remember that I absolutely love love LOVE this headset. 

As we fast forward to 2022, Turtle Beach has stepped up to the plate and cracked another homerun out of the gaming stadium, with the newly released “MAX!” What does this mean??? ONE HEADSET TO RULE THEM ALL!!! 

Xbox Series X, S, One, 360 and Switch…no problem. 

Playstation 4, 4 pro, 5…but of course. 

Gaming PC, Android and iOS…yessir!

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 & 700 Gen 2 MAX gaming headsets

In this review we will be focusing on the flagship Stealth 700 Gen 2 MAX but will be referencing its lower priced sibling in a comparison section below. 


Stealth 700 Gen 2 MAX cobalt side view
Stealth 700 Gen 2 cobalt microphone


Turtle Beach Stealth™ 700 Gen 2 MAX for Xbox - Controls
Stealth 700 Gen 2 Max - Control layout details
Stealth 700 Gen 2 LED blinking behaviors
Stealth 700 Gen 2 mappable buttons
Turtle Beach Audio Hub - Android & iOS
Turtle Beach Audio Hub - Android App screens
Stealth Gen 2 Max - EQ Presets
Stealth 700 & 600 Gen 2 USB DONGLE transmitter
Stealth 700 Gen 2 Max - flip up microphone
Stealth 700 Gen 2 ProSpecs eyeglass relief system


Sound Mode: Stereo, Simulated Surround, Dolby Atmos, DTS Headphone:X

Connection Type: Wireless Radio Frequency (RF), Bluetooth

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