Creativity and passion are what guided Tyler Cain from a young age to pursue his career in music; one that is still climbing towards its apex after credits on multiple GRAMMY-nominated Albums of the Year.

It can be easy for producers early in their careers to assume landing the opportunities that Tyler did comes down purely to blind, dumb luck. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

When Tyler talks about his work on nominated projects, luck has nothing to do with it; it comes down to being more comfortable, both in the studio and with where you’re at in your journey. For the former, Tyler trusts in his reliable KRK V-Series 8 studio monitors to provide comfort with his mixing and his creative process in the studio. But when it comes to feeling comfortable with where he’s at in his journey, well that’s something he battles with every day.

We had a chance to sit down with Tyler and talk about his journey as a producer, advice he has for producers looking to break into the industry, and the benefits of knowing and trusting your gear through and through.

By the end of this interview, you’ll know the answers to some of the questions facing up-and-coming producers and help you avoid many pitfalls that prevent producers from making their best music possible. 

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