The UAE music market is set for its biggest shake up in years thanks to the digital revolution. AudioSwim is at the front of that queue and is looking to become the number one music distributor and label services company in the MENA region. 

The music industry has come a long way since the days of rock’n’roll, the CD boom and bust and even the relatively recent advent of music streaming. 

The coming digital revolution will be led by NFTs, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology, with UAE and US company AudioSwim looking to capitalise thanks to their expertise. 

The company is headed up by Albert Carter who as a label owner, manager and distributor has seen all aspects of the industry over the last 15 years. During that time, he’s launched the Emirates Music Summit and Hip Hop University and he’s now behind AudioSwim, a music distribution and label service that’s using future technology to help independent artists get paid in full and amplify their brand. 

A UAE resident for five years, he created AudioSwim to help ‘empower independent artists and their fans’ via ‘royalty investments using blockchain technology, music distribution to over 150 DSPs, label services including PR and marketing,” says Albert. 

In short, they’re bringing the best of the technology world to the UAE music scene, creating a user-friendly experience that fully brings artists into the 21st century. 

The company launched in July 2020 with the aim to help ‘break artists into international stardom.’ And part of that is giving artists the access to ground-breaking tools like NFTs, blockchains and cryptocurrency, while also educating them on those terms. 

NFTs have been in the news a lot recently and for good reason. Essentially, they’re a way of owning online property – so investors have been able to legally purchase Tweets, online artwork and even off-world Mars villas. And they use blockchains, a form of online data that can’t be broken that’s incredibly secure. It all sounds a long way from the traditional music world. And that’s because it is, says Albert. 

“NFT’s and blockchain are definitely the future of the music industry. Personally, I’m not sold on cryptocurrency per se but I truly hope it is the wave of the future. We are currently in discussion with a company called blockpool who has a coin called Audiocoin. The goal of the coin is to be the coin of the music industry.”

The transition to a digital world won’t be all smooth-sailing, however. And the UAE has its own challenges according to Albert. 

“The unique mix of cultures in the UAE makes the regional sound hard to identify, which presents a challenge to outsiders trying to identify the local music scene. Another challenge is international artists being supported by local brands and venues but there is  not enough access to spaces and places for regional artists. Another challenge that regional artists face is not understanding their fanbase or being able to access crucial data that will help them amplify their brand.”

But AudioSwim are confident they can overcome those challenges and help UAE and Middle East artists realise their potential. 

“AudioSwim aims to help artists find real supporters and fans for their music. We help leverage current and future technologies such as NFT, Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology for musicians. We also help artists turn their data analytics into conversational data.”

Which written another way means that UAE artists who use AudioSwim can look forward to getting paid their fair share. Find out more

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